September 20, 2017

Wins and Losses

​This week on #Civilizedsavages John and SamUel discuss: Wins and Losses. How each handle losses + is it wise to do business with friends + retaliation when you take a personal L + importance of reputation. Also- preference of black or white co workers ? More pressure to get along and vibe in workplace ? 

Wrap Up: Iphone X coming out 
#ZoeGawd: Sam and John share them getting Zoe'd 
September 13, 2017

Just Text Me Dawg

This week on CivilizedSavages: John and SamUel Discuss: Natural disasters and DACA,what could be next for immigrants n Trump. Best forms of breaking up ? Desperate measures to keep your partner; Also what is closure ?  and do nice guys finish last.

Wrap up: John continues to hate on the writing of #Power +SamUel still tryna learn Excel
Insecure: Finale thoughts+ is it time to admits Daniels mixtape is probably trash ?
#ZoeGawd: Nigerian that scammed 3.7 mill +50 Cent bullying Starz   
August 23, 2017

Black Women Winning

This week on #CivilizedSavages:Are Black women the new face of Black culture? From Politics to entertainment, who is more accepted? Is it still harder for for women in work place to get ahead ? Do we compare or support the struggle. Racism vs sexism N being a grown a** man finally learning how to cook. 

Wrapup: GOT/ Power: Which story line is more wild?

#ZoeGawdoftheWeek: Disney's Branding

SamUel also takes time to break down how the lion king may be the prequel to paid in full. #StayWoke

August 16, 2017

Ignorance isn’t Bliss

​This week John and SamUel discussed:

Charlottesville, Va incedent. Does it change the way we look at co workers? do they need to pick a side ? Trump a symbol for racism ? Can we (still )overlook white peoples ignorance to racial issues ? Should confederate flag symbol be made the new "N" word ? Colin Kap vs NFL..
Also:who's the civilized one of the podcast ? 3sum Etiquette, open relationships- what male is REALLY letting his wife / GF "do her thing " 
#ZoeGawd: Writers of Insecure/ Lawrence 
August 10, 2017

Regular ol F*** Boy

​This week on #civilizedsavages: Can you be wrong for treating someone right ? What logistics can you NOT put up with ?should you embrace your inner fu*kboy and realizing you probably know the next person your girl will date..

Wrap Up: Power /GOT /Insecure
#ZoeGawd: Couple that literally bought a block that didnt want minorities
July 18, 2017

Savage Limits

This week. Checking a friend when they wilin, risking friendships, not comparing yourself to others, grandfathered friendships. Also the last time one of us had an "Angry Black man" outburst and controlling your inner n*gga at all times. 

#Wrapup: 23 year old millionaire from NY, Game of Thrones return, Tyler the creator might be gay how younger vs older hip hop fans view that info
#ZoegawdOTW: R. Kelly, "where theres smoke...theres piss)
July 11, 2017

Generational Dirt

This week on #CivilzedSavages. What do you trust more words or actions ? Can black women blame black men for dating woes ? Taking one for the team. Also maturity of new jay z Album; Living for the moment vs preparing for the future. "Hov did that so maybe we wont have to go through That " Is Jay a smart hypocrite or a wise prophet?

#wrap Up: Power vs Game of Thrones
#ZoeGawd: The first every second time winner; Blac Chyna.
Theres no business like ho business #blacChyna

#CivilizedSavages are back! "papa john" tells us about his 4 weeks of for paternity leave and having his first son, will his son call him dad or daddy ? Topics: not having exes, are you are fine not being remembered by your exes ?   late bloomers, ​new jayz cd, would you cry if Jay died ?

Wrap up: 2pac movie, new music,  and random comments as usual. 
#ZoeGawdOTW: All parties involved in Floyd Fight

​This week on #CivilizedSavages: Growing older and still being cool. HOw do pepe stop themselves from falling off....Surrounding yourself w/ the right people. #StepDadsmatter, should you call a step parent mom or dad ? 

#ZoeGawd: Bow wow
#WrapUp: TV, music, getting work off referrals 
Civilizes savages are back w/ a guest Ty from 72/10 podcast; TOpics: Better being relative, old vs young, levels of woke, all forms of privilege and random comments and jokes as usual. 
#ZoeGawd: Lavar Ball

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