April 25, 2018

Kanye Crazy

​This week: Kanye wilin- but too talented to give up on ? Teachable moments vs racist intents- Meek Mill out- Why people always have mixed thoughts on J cole-

Zoe Gawd: 12 year old kid traveling dolo 
April 17, 2018

The Return…..

"This week: updates from Thailand - some topics and discussions we missed over last 3 weeks. - no need for an outline just listen.
#Zoegawds- air drop finesse
Financial Aid plot "

March 21, 2018

Keep on …Scrolling

This week:
Rules of following ya mans girl +Difference between someone trying to check/embarrass you vs. wanting a sincere apology+when is it right to offer the fade + Do ladies respect the "you owe me" theory + How long can you "keep the same energy" or does that just mess up your energy + male pride
Wrap Up: 7 seconds recap + Do you miss old classic rap skits on albums..  ? 
No Zoe gawd this week. But watch ATL- theres always a finesse 
March 14, 2018

Mase Waves

​This week: If regular people could do the Oj style  interviews/ The importance of having waves growing up/ best things you did with you tax money back in the day / Culture Vultures/ clout chasers and the usual jokes and comments

ZoeGawd: Common- 
February 28, 2018

The Intimidation Factor

​This week we had a guest: Akilah. She came on and discussed being a young black female in corporate america; challenges and tribulations at work. We also discussed dating men who are intimidated by her success, and other random topics. 

February 20, 2018

Where’s your Wakanda

This week on #CivlizedSavages: spent 40 mins on: music, No nudes and video shaming , chris rock , Love languages (Random 😂) THEN we talked about.. BLACK PANTHER: general thoughts on Movie - WHO was right/ wrong ...was Killmonger the villian ? African vs African American struggle - why don’t we see beauty in different cultures ? female empowerment in film - are we all selfish and want capitalism lifestyle ? Where is your Wakanda ? - the brother man vs the other man & still snuck some jokes in there. Hope everyone enjoyed the movie 🍿



February 15, 2018

Holiday Yams

This week:

The valentines day theories- better single or dating- the how to finesse guide...What would be a dream date for a male- More romantic or more thoughtful ? Also the new California laws that favors women, is there any reason for a black person to be upset at Black Panther?- the random commnets
Wrap Up: New music - Nipsey Hussle cd/ Best  movie soundtracks - Black panther vs (Bad boys 2/ above the rim/ boomerang ) 
February 1, 2018

The Unboycotable Truth

​4 weeks in a row! This week we discussed: Thoughts on black america -supporting a cause vs the person-  brand loyalty - are some things Unboycotable ? ( Netflix-Hot Cheetos- Sprite- Henny etc) -learning to "play the game" Also with IG/ Worldstar etc is this generation scared to accept failures and rejection ? 

#ZoeGawd- Netflix raising prices on the humble
#Wrap Up- Why BET awards doesn't get love-and random county jail commissary stories- SamUel shares how he made sure nobody ate his corn bread

​This week we had female guest, Maria: we discuss: dating 2018 vs 2010/ Monique struggle / going out with co workers / sex dolls/ would you role play with your partner.. n the usual jokes..

#zoegawd: Dude wearing extra cloths to skip bag fees  
January 17, 2018

(Don’t) Risk It All

episode 75! We gotta hit a 100 this year.  

Obey your thirst- Scumbag moments-Aziz situation

Dl Hugley interview -Misuse of Religion

findig the problems- never solution ? 

surviving thirsty losses

Next weeks themes 

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