December 13, 2017

All Africans wear Loafers

​This weak: Bullying - can it be avoided or stopped ? Can you judge a child based of his / her parents ? Who do you believe your sig other or best friend ? Can a true african really not own loafers ? The usual jokes and random thoughts

#ZoeGawd-Mariah suing her ex for wasting her time #2017+ Camron
  1. This week: She's  gotta have it; thoughts on the character and message. Libya slave trade. Cam and Mase fall out. what would you wear to the royal wedding and usual jokes and comments.
#ZoeGawd-Melanin in Royalty
November 15, 2017

The Strong Arm Theory

​This week: John and SamUel discuss: Over exposure and how it influences how you view people/ friends. sex sells vs sexsms...Will the next generation be too sensitive ? Or will they truly be able to enjoy grabbing a girl and a wall when "back that azz up" comes on+ SamUel forgiveness > permission theory & using "meet up" app and joys of a "new social " slate

#ZoeGawd: Eminem for wasting a Beyonce feature
November 7, 2017

Keep My Name Clean

​This week:Tarnished Legacy and things you dont want ppl to find out about you after you gone, whats mental health admist the tyrese breakdown and san Antonio Shooter. Also being caught by parents with opposite sex, how corrupt is probation and random stories by both John and SamUel. 

Wrap Up: SamUel still never watcher Stranger things and Jack from  'This is Us" might be the best dad EVER.
October 27, 2017

Lets Appropriate Everything

​ First episode with new time zone. Savages discuss: Bruno mars vs Beyonce. Black cultural appropriation: Should you care if someone outside of your culture reps it? Gabrielle Union out here wilin ? 

Zoe Gawd: A Boogie 
Wrap Up: New city adjustments
October 23, 2017

The Wild Late Episode

​This week John and SamUel discuss.....Rape Culture. Colin Kaps case


Yeah We still here.... Sam is offifically the NuPac

October 4, 2017

California Love

​This week: #CivilizedSavages: SamUel shares update about jobs , career choices, figuring out whats best and getting good advice....Vegas Tragedy/ what is terrorism? Should gun laws finally change, Hugh Heph the legend, and lastly SamUel being a sucka for nearly crying off a tv show. 

#ZoeGawd: Hugh Hephner/ SamUel the "west coast" Scammer!
Wrap Up: This is Us TV show, scammers on criagslist
Also-more clearification on the bbq "invite rules " 
September 27, 2017

Gimme my Invite Back

​This week: #CivilizedSavages: NFL owners kneeling for wrong reasons? Would you tell your co workers WHY are boycotting NFL ? Do black ppl get hair shamed at work ? Also+ Have you ever really rooted against a black person and SamUel goes on a random rant about not inviting all "fake woke " white ppl to the bbq. 

#wrapUp: Meeting up @ Q from 72/10 wedding  
#ZoeGawd: B.O.B  Go Fund me & The lawyer in Kevin Hart/ Usher/ Blac Chyna Cases
September 20, 2017

Wins and Losses

​This week on #Civilizedsavages John and SamUel discuss: Wins and Losses. How each handle losses + is it wise to do business with friends + retaliation when you take a personal L + importance of reputation. Also- preference of black or white co workers ? More pressure to get along and vibe in workplace ? 

Wrap Up: Iphone X coming out 
#ZoeGawd: Sam and John share them getting Zoe'd 
September 13, 2017

Just Text Me Dawg

This week on CivilizedSavages: John and SamUel Discuss: Natural disasters and DACA,what could be next for immigrants n Trump. Best forms of breaking up ? Desperate measures to keep your partner; Also what is closure ?  and do nice guys finish last.

Wrap up: John continues to hate on the writing of #Power +SamUel still tryna learn Excel
Insecure: Finale thoughts+ is it time to admits Daniels mixtape is probably trash ?
#ZoeGawd: Nigerian that scammed 3.7 mill +50 Cent bullying Starz   

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