March 21, 2019

Cap Space

This week:Finessing the system / indirect snitchin/ fake introverts / white lies / and how much cap space does your girl have ? wrap up:slow year in rap - over hyped albums 

March 12, 2019

Saturday Morning vibes

To be edited momentarily 

To be edited momentarily. 

February 21, 2019

False Accusations


This week on Civilized Savages: 

  • Losing the Bigger Bag/ Opportunity
  • Vintage Sam Stories
  • Reputation
  • False Accusations
  • Seeking Validation
February 19, 2019

It Aint That Serious

This week:

21 question with John + Things that are only wrong when said in public + Are people chasing new stories and making everything important +Can you marry outside of race and still be considered for the cause + What is considered lonely in America vs Africa. 

And of course the usual randomness.. 

This week: SamUel and John discuss- 21 making the right decision, the deportation process, the importance of where you from, what makes guys corny, “grand fathered “ friends and super bowl alternatives. 

January 31, 2019

Too old to Cancel?

To be edited momentarily. 

January 14, 2019

Coming (back ) to America

We are back! Year 3 SamUel& John= Civlized savages. Happy new year. On this episode we catch up with SamUel and hear about his recent travels to Liberia+ also have johns cousin, who recently moved to America from Nigeria, they share thoughts on cultural differences, pros and cons of life back home. Also joined by Duch of @72and10podcast to review #survivingRKelly + sharing thoughts on the “blame game “ among black men and women. Good to be back. We won’t take a month break anymore ! #WestCoastTheBestCoast

#ZoeGawd: car repot lot 

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